More Information

Preparing for Disasters

All of these recommendations in this section make good sense, regardless of the potential problem. For more information on how to get ready for disaster and be safe when disaster strikes, or to register for a first aid and AED / CPR course, please contact your local American Red Cross chapter. You can find it in your telephone directory under American Red Cross or through their home page under your local chapter.

For information about your community's specific plans for response to disasters and other emergencies, contact your local office of emergency management.

For information on what a business can do to protect its employees and customers as well as develop business continuity plans, you may want to get a copy of the Emergency Management Guide for Business and Industry and/or Preparing Your Business for the Unthinkable from your local American Red Cross chapter or see their website.

For more information about the specific effects of chemical or biological agents, the following websites may be helpful: