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Water Drops


201 N. Jennings Ave. • 4th Floor • Anthony, KS 67003

(620) 842-3718

Service Fees

Water Well Permit

$75.00/ permit application

Wastewater Permit

$75.00/ permit application

Water Well/Wastewater Permit

$150.00/ combined permit application

RETI- Sewage

$100.00/ sewage inspection

RETI- Water

$100.00/ water inspection

RETI- Combined

$100.00/ combined inspection

Waste Truck Inspections (Septic)

$25.00/ new inspection

Waste Truck Inspections (Septic)

$20.00/ renewal inspection

Water testing is no longer provided directly by Harper County. Please see the page on Water Testing for more information.

The Harper County Appraiser Office is now providing Harper County Environmental Services. Email the Appraiser Office or call at 620-842-3718.

The primary location to pick-up water well inspection/wastewater inspection permits and the Real Estate Transfer Inspection permits is in the Harper County Appraiser Office. The forms are also available here on the Harper County website. The completed forms should be returned to the Harper County Appraiser Office at 201 N. Jennings, Anthony, KS 67003 or by mail to the same address. The permit fees must be paid prior to the completion of the inspection or testing.

Checks for the services listed to the left should be made out to Harper County Environmental Services (HCES) and submitted to the Harper County Appraiser Office located at 201 N. Jennings, Anthony, KS 67003, along with the appropriate permit form prior to the completion of the inspection.

The contact for the Harper County Environmental Services

Jackie Keim
Harper County Sanitarian
Office: 620-842-3718
Email Jackie Keim



Water testing will be provided through an independent contracted agency which charges approximately $50.00 per test. Payment will need to be included when sending in the sample for testing along with the associated paperwork. Test kits will be available at the following locations:

City of Attica

127 N. Main Street

Attica, KS 67009


Harper County Extension Office

819 N. Central

Harper, KS 67058


Harper County Health Department

123 N. Jennings

Anthony, KS 67003


Harper County Appraiser Office

201 N. Jennings

Anthony, KS 67003



Real Estate Transfer Inspection 

A real estate transfer inspection is often requested upon a sale of property.  This inspection consists of evaluating the existing private water and private wastewater disposal system.  Evaluation may involve the functional components of the system, lot site conditions and a historical file review.  

To initiate the evaluation process, a completed Real Estate Transfer Inspection Request and fee shall be submitted to the Harper County Appraiser's Office.  The Harper County Sanitarian will then contact the seller or representative to set a time and date for the inspection.  

Any evaluation provided shall not constitute nor be deemed a warranty, and neither Harper County nor any official of the County shall be held liable for claims arising out of the evaluation.  Upon completion of the evaluation a written report will be issued.


Real Estate Transfer Inspection Request (PDF)

Water Well Permits


No private water supply shall be drilled without first submitting a completed Water Well System Permit Application and fee to the Harper County Appraiser's Office.  

Water-Well-Permit (PDF)

Wastewater Disposal Permits


Environmental Services oversees the construction of new private wastewater disposal systems and the repair of existing systems. 

Waste-Water-System-Permit (PDF)

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