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Hours: Monday through Friday - 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

201 N. Jennings Ave. • 4th Floor • Anthony, KS 67003

(620) 842-3718

MAPS & GIS (Property Search)


Our GIS property search system provides the most up-to-date information on properties in Harper County. With the use of ORKA, the system is constantly updated to ensure you have access to the most accurate data available. You can search by location, owner, or parcel number to get the information you need quickly and easily.

Office Staff


Brooke Mantey

Personal Property, Oil and Gas Clerk, Senior Appraiser
Ellen Crites
Zoning Administrator/Secretary, Field Appraiser 1

Meaghan Crenshaw

Field Appraiser 1/ Office Assistant
Carlos R. Ochoa

Appal Information

Appraisal Calendar

January 1

  • Real Property Valuation Date

  • Personal Property Renditions mailed to property owners

March 1

  • Real Estate Property Change of Value Notices (CVN) mailed to all real property owners (Unless extension granted)

March 15

  • Personal Property Renditions due

  • Late Filing Penalties begin after this date

30 Days

  • Real Property Appeal period is 30 days from date of your Change of Value

  • You have the right to file an appeal during this time

April 1

  • Oil and Gas Renditions due

  • Late Filing Penalties begin after this date

May 1

  • Personal Property Appraised Values mailed

May 10

  • Second half payment due for previous year

  • Second half payment under protest available (protest must be filed at time of payment)

May 15

  • Deadline for filing Personal Property Valuation Appeal

  • Informal Valuation Conferences completed

May 20

  • Date for mailing decisions on Informal Conferences

June 1

  • Appraiser certifies Appraisal and Personal Property Tax Rolls to County Clerk


  • Mailing of tax bill to property owners

December 20

  • First half payment for current year taxes due

  • First half payment under protest available (protest on or before December 20, unless taxes are paid by mortgage escrow, then the deadline for filing the appeal is January 31)



Understanding Property Taxes


The assessment process is the basis for developing property values and is the tool for equalizing the distribution of the tax burden. Remember that the county appraiser's office does not determine taxes. The amount of taxes you pay depends on the budgets set by our governing bodies such as the state, county, hospitals, and schools to pay for roads, fire, and police protection, recreational facilities, and other local services. You can play an effective role in this process if you know your rights, understand the remedies available to you, and fulfill your responsibilities as a property owner and taxpayer.

County Appraiser

The county appraiser is responsible for discovering, listing, and valuing all property within Harper County in an equal and uniform manner. He must follow state laws when meeting these responsibilities. Each year the appraiser must review recent real estate sales and considers local economic conditions in determining the fair market value of the property, as it exists January 1. Market value is the amount of money a well informed buyer would pay and an informed seller would accept for property in an open and competitive market without any outside influence.

The Taxpayer

As a property owner and taxpayer, you have specific rights and responsibilities in the assessment process:

  • You have the right to examine the appraiser's property records and verify that the property you own is listed and described correctly on the tax records.

  • If you disagree with your property value, you may file an appeal with the appraiser.

  • You have the responsibility to provide accurate information to the appraiser about property you own.

Note: Some properties such as churches, farm grain storage, and some taxing entities are exempt from property taxes. Tax Exemption forms are available on the Court of Tax Appeals of the State of Kansas site or from the appraiser's office.

Change of Valuation Notice

Each year, on or before March 1, the county appraiser is required to send you a Change of Valuation (CVN) Notice. Deadlines for appeal are set by Kansas Law and are enforced.


This change of value notice describes the property you own, gives the actual values for both the prior and current year, and provides you an opportunity to present your objection to the appraiser. When you receive a change of value notice, study it carefully. The value shown on the notice affects the amount of taxes you will pay the following December.

How to Appeal

If you feel the value the appraiser has placed on your property is incorrect, you may wish to inspect the appraiser's records on your property. If you choose to file an appeal, you should provide information and documentation to support your estimate of value. Information such as a recent independent appraisal, recent sales of similar homes in your neighborhood, similar homes that are currently on the market, or a written estimate from a real estate professional will all lend support and credibility to your opinion of value.

The Assessment Process

The assessment process involves setting standards for fair and equitable values, discovering and listing information about properties, and determining property values. Values are then analyzed to ensure they meet the standards of fair assessment, and then certifying the total valuation of the county to the county clerk.

Collection of Information

The first step in the appraisal process is to gather information on:

  • Ownership

  • Location

  • Type of use

  • Sales

  • Building measurement

  • Construction type

  • Construction costs

  • Rental income

Primary sources for this information are real property deeds, subdivision maps, building permits, local building contractors, and office personnel who conduct on-site inspections to gather land and building characteristics. This information is stored, updated, and maintained by the county appraiser for current and future use in the assessment process.

Appraisal / Estimating Value

The county appraiser is required to equitably value all property in the county according to current Kansas law. The actual value assigned to residential properties is based on market value as of January 1 of the current year. To determine the market value, the appraiser studies sales of properties that occurred during the previous three years. Those sales are an indication the market conditions in various parts of Harper County and the market value of specific types of properties. For most non-residential properties, comparable sales information, construction costs, depreciation, and the income approach to value are considered.

Changes Affecting Property Values

A property's value may alter over time.

Physical Changes

An addition of a garage, family room, bedroom, etc. or extensive remodeling or modernization could increase the value. Property values may fluctuate due to the local economy. Likewise, the economy of the entire community could affect the market value of your property negatively or positively.

Changes made to maintain your property's current value such as painting your home, replacing the roof, replacing the hot water heater, or making repairs does not necessarily increase the value of the property. However, if these tasks were not performed, the condition of the home would deteriorate which would cause the market value to decrease. State Statutes require that all properties be physically inspected and re-measured by an appraiser at least once in a six year period.

New Construction & Corrections

For each parcel of land, improvements such as buildings must be measured and described through an on-site inspection. This helps insure that all new construction and/or changes to existing improvements are discovered and errors corrected. Under Kansas statues, all real property is valued annually.

Property Tax Calculation

Your property taxes are determined by multiplying the actual value times the assessment rate times the mill levy. The assessment rate on residential properties is 11.5%. The assessment rate for commercial and industrial purpose is 25%. The assessment rate is fixed by law and is the same statewide.

Simple Calculation

  • Let's assume the market value of your home has been determined to be $60,000 and the statewide residential assessment rate is 11.5%. This would mean the assessed value of your home would be $6,900 ($60,000 X .115 = $6,900).

  • Let's also assume the total mill levy determined by the local taxing authorities, your particular taxing district has been set to 125.000 mills.

  • Multiply the assessed value of your property ($6,900) by the mill levy (125 mills or .125). The taxes on your home would be $862.50, which is your share of the total responsibility to support the programs for which the taxes are budgeted.

  • Actual Market Value ($60,000) X .115 (State Residential Assessment Fee) = $6,900 (Assessment value)

  • Assessed Value ($6,900) X .125 (Mill Levy) = $862.50 (Tax Amount)

View Harper County's Tax Unit map.


Related Documents

View or print the Oil (PDF) and Gas (PDF) Renditions.
In addition, both renditions and the 2019 Oil and Gas Guide, which includes the
KS Crude Oil Price Schedule, may be found at the

Kansas Department of Property Valuation site.

View Harper County's Tax Unit Map (PDF).

Current and historical oil and gas data can be found at the

Kansas Geological Survey site.

Oil and Gas Properties are Personal Property – K.S.A. 79-329

Includes leases and wells producing or capable of producing oil or gas in paying quantities, together with all casing, tubing or other materials therein, and all other equipment and material used in the operating the wells.

Valuation and Assessment of Oil and Gas Properties – K.S.A. 79-330

In valuing for taxation, oil and gas properties consisting of one or more leases and oil and gas wells there shall, in addition to the value of all oil or gas well material in or upon the leasehold properties, be made such valuation of the oil or gas wells as would make a reasonable and fair value of the whole property.

Determination of Value – K.S.A. 79-331

County appraisers are required to determine the value of oil and gas leases and/or properties.

Enviromental Services

Enviromental Services

Service Fees

Water Well Permit

$75.00/ permit application

Wastewater Permit

$75.00/ permit application

Water Well/Wastewater Permit

$150.00/ combined permit application

RETI- Sewage

$100.00/ sewage inspection

RETI- Water

$100.00/ water inspection

RETI- Combined

$100.00/ combined inspection

Waste Truck Inspections (Septic)

$25.00/ new inspection

Waste Truck Inspections (Septic)

$20.00/ renewal inspection

Water testing is no longer provided directly by Harper County. Please see the page on Water Testing for more information.

The Harper County Appraiser Office is now providing Harper County Environmental Services. Email the Appraiser Office or call at 620-842-3718.

The primary location to pick-up water well inspection/wastewater inspection permits and the Real Estate Transfer Inspection permits is in the Harper County Appraiser Office. The forms are also available here on the Harper County website. The completed forms should be returned to the Harper County Appraiser Office at 201 N. Jennings, Anthony, KS 67003 or by mail to the same address. The permit fees must be paid prior to the completion of the inspection or testing.

Checks for the services listed to the left should be made out to Harper County Environmental Services (HCES) and submitted to the Harper County Appraiser Office located at 201 N. Jennings, Anthony, KS 67003, along with the appropriate permit form prior to the completion of the inspection.

The contact for the Harper County Environmental Services

Meaghan Crenshaw
Harper County Sanitarian
Office: 620-800-1352



Water testing will be provided through an independent contracted agency which charges approximately $50.00 per test. Payment will need to be included when sending in the sample for testing along with the associated paperwork. Test kits will be available at the following locations:

City of Attica

127 N. Main Street

Attica, KS 67009


Harper County Extension Office

819 N. Central

Harper, KS 67058


Harper County Health Department

123 N. Jennings

Anthony, KS 67003


Harper County Appraiser Office

201 N. Jennings

Anthony, KS 67003



Real Estate Transfer Inspection 

A real estate transfer inspection is often requested upon a sale of property.  This inspection consists of evaluating the existing private water and private wastewater disposal system.  Evaluation may involve the functional components of the system, lot site conditions and a historical file review.  

To initiate the evaluation process, a completed Real Estate Transfer Inspection Request and fee shall be submitted to the Harper County Appraiser's Office.  The Harper County Sanitarian will then contact the seller or representative to set a time and date for the inspection.  

Any evaluation provided shall not constitute nor be deemed a warranty, and neither Harper County nor any official of the County shall be held liable for claims arising out of the evaluation.  Upon completion of the evaluation a written report will be issued.


Real Estate Transfer Inspection Request (PDF)

Water Well Permits


No private water supply shall be drilled without first submitting a completed Water Well System Permit Application and fee to the Harper County Appraiser's Office.  

Water-Well-Permit (PDF)

Wastewater Disposal Permits


Environmental Services oversees the construction of new private wastewater disposal systems and the repair of existing systems. 

Waste-Water-System-Permit (PDF)


Planning & Zoning


Harper County Zoning Administrator




Recording Secretary

Meaghan Crenshaw

Welcome to the Harper County Planning and Zoning Department. Hopefully you will be able to locate answers to questions related to planning, zoning, floodplain, and general land use.


Zoning Permit (Building Permit) - Application fee of $75

Change of Zoning Classification - Application fee of $250

Special Use - Application fee of $275

Conditional Use - Application fee of $200
​Variance from Zoning Regulations - Application fee of $200

Site Plan Application - No Fee

Floodplain Development - Application Fee of $150

Please note that some projects may require additional permits from the Department of Agriculture - Division of Water Resources, or the Army Corps of Engineers.


Prior to the construction, reconstruction, moving, or structural alteration of any structure or the improvement of land prior to its use or the use of any land or structure being changed to any other use, an application for a Zoning Permit must be completed when required and approved by the zoning administrator. Either the property owner or a contractor as an agent may obtain the permit.

  • Application fee of $75

  • Application fee of $50 - Sign Only

Other Requirements
  • Structures used solely for agricultural purposes do not require an application fee. However, an application is required to be completed.

  • No permit is required for structures less than 150 square feet of ground area in the county.


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