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Hours: Monday through Friday - 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

201 N. Jennings Ave. • 2nd Floor • Anthony, KS 67003

(620) 842-5555

Kansas County Clerks & Election Officials Motto

To protect and promote public trust and confidence by supporting the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Kansas and to deliver quality professional services.


Information on this page covers general topics of the election processes. Documentation concerning past, present, and future elections can be found in the Document Center, under the Clerk folder and then the Election folder.


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County Elected Officers

Commissioner District Number 1:

   Brian Waldschmidt (R) January 2027

Commissioner District Number 2:
   Jeff Vornauf  (R) January 2025

Commissioner District Number 3:
   Darrin Struble (R) January 2025


   Tracy Chance (R) January 2025

County Clerk:

   Ami DeLacerda (R) January 2025


   Cynthia Hekel (R) January 2025

Register of Deeds:
   Audrey Anderson (R) January 2025


   Richard Raleigh (R) January 2025

America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA)

 Voters need to provide identification to a county election official or to election worker at the polling site. The name and address on the form used for identification must match the voter registration information. Acceptable forms of ID are as follows:

  • A driver's license or non-driver's identification card issued by Kansas or by another state or district of the United States.

  • A concealed carry of handgun license issued by Kansas or a concealed carry of handgun or weapon license issued by another state or district of the United States.

  • A United States passport.

  • An employee badge or identification document issued by a municipal, county, state, or federal government office.

  • A military identification document issued by the United States.

  • A student identification card issued by an accredited postsecondary institution of education in the state of Kansas.

  • A public assistance identification card issued by a municipal, county, state or federal government office.

  • An identification card issued by an Indian tribe.

Exemptions from the Photo ID Requirement

  • Persons age 65 or older may use expired photo ID documents.

  • Military and overseas citizens who vote under the federal Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA).

  • All-Mail-Ballot elections. Mail ballot elections are limited to local jurisdictions holding special question-submitted elections & must be approved by the Secretary of State.

  • Voters who qualify, apply and are accepted to the Permanent Advance voting list, as long as they remain on that listing.

  • Any person whose religious beliefs prohibit photographic identification may be exempted from the photo ID requirement. Any such person must complete and sign a Form DRO (Español) (Declaration of Religious Objection).


The following is general information for voters requesting assistance, voting hours, party affiliation, write-in voting, and sick, physically disabled, or illiterate voters. 

Assistance in Voting

A voter may request assistance if unable to vote unassisted by reason of physical disability, visual handicap, lack of proficiency in reading the English language, and being 65 years old and older.

Advanced Voting

At any time after we have ordered, received and sorted our ballots for an election (and the Election is set up in our system), voters can request a ballot-by-mail. It is necessary for voters to complete a system-generated form- they can request this by telephone, email, fax or in person, and they can return the form by any of those same methods. Approximately 20 days before the Election, the Clerk's Office is authorized to mail out the associated ballots. The ballots process includes self-addressed labels, but must have postage attached by the voter.

Early Voting

Early Voting will start on the same day as Advance Voting, approximately 20 days in advance of the General Election.

Early Voting - in Harper County - only occurs in the Courthouse, County Clerk's Office, at 201 N Jennings Avenue, Anthony KS. The hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday (unless one of those business days happens to be a holiday). We are open during the Lunch Hour. Voters requesting a ballot by this process must have an acceptable form of identification with them, and complete a simple computer-generated form before receiving the appropriate ballot.

Voting Hours

The polls in Harper County are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Party Affiliation

A law passed in 2014 by the Kansas Legislature prohibits Party members from switching parties during a period beginning on the candidate filing deadline (Noon on June 1st) through the date when the results of an August Primary are certified.

A registered voter who is unaffiliated may, however, affiliate with a Party during this period, but also when voting at the primary or when requesting an advance ballot. There is no ballot for 'unaffiliated' candidates, so those unaffiliated voters must request either a Democratic or Republican ballot. That voter will continue to be associated with such Party until they change this information with the County Election Office in writing.


Write-In Voting

To vote for a person whose name is not printed on the ballot, write that persons name on the line provided and darken the target to the left of the name.

Write-in votes are permitted in primary elections for precinct committeemen and committeewoman, and when there is no candidate who has filed for the particular office in question. Write-in votes are permitted in all general elections. Optical Scanning System Rules and Regulations prohibit the use of labels on ballots.

Sick, Physically Disabled, or Illiterate Voters

Special voting procedures are available for any voter having a permanent or temporary illness or disability that would make it difficult or impossible for that voter to vote at a voting place. All registration and voting procedures may be handled by mail. A sick, disabled, or illiterate voter may apply for a ballot.

Sick, physically disabled, or illiterate voters who are unable to mark or transmit an advance ballot may receive assistance from another person. The person rendering assistance must sign a statement and return both the statement and the advance ballot to the Harper County Clerk's office by the time the polls close on 7PM on Election Day, or the ballot envelope must be postmarked on Election Day and received in the County Election Office by the Friday following the Election.

Registered voters having permanent physical disabilities or illnesses are permitted to automatically receive advance ballot status when a permanent voter application is filled out properly and returned to the Harper County Clerk's office.

If an elderly or disabled voter is able to go to the voting place, but finds it inaccessible by reason of stairs or steps, such voter may request that his or her ballot be brought to the entrance of the voting place.

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